BMW Car Recycling, Brisbane

BMW is unique in its effort of making use of end-of-life of the car. While the melting of steel and aluminium is being done, there is also massive quantities of carbon fibre from i8 and i3. The disassembling method is the same as traditional vehicles. However, once the battery is removed, the carbon body is cut into small parts and then heated up. The industry average is 80% for recyclability but BMW boasts of about 95% of the city car can be recycled.

Knowing these qualities of the BMW makes us wiser to know how to recycle every part of this amazing car when it comes to us as scrap. In the process of recycling there is absolutely no harm done to the environment. Our experts will ensure that you get an attractive deal when you give us your scrap BMW car. We have been in this industry for many years and we only want the best for our customers.