Ford Car Recycling, Brisbane

Ford manufacturers work hard towards one goal which is to make sure that every part of the car can be recycled. They incorporate recycled plastics into the cars. Ford also makes use of this recycled plastics in the interiors of the car. For example, Ford escape seats are covered in fabric that is made of recycled plastic such a soft drink bottles as well as post-industrial yarn.

This valuable information about Ford gives us the confidence in processing the scrap of the car when it comes to us. We take care of the scrap and give you a good price for it. Don’t think your Ford car is a waste if it stops running. Bring it to us and we will show the real value of the scrap of Ford car. At Express Auto Group we will process all paperwork in a jiffy and in the mean time you can be rest assured that our team will take quality care of you in a professional way.

Have a Ford not worth fixing and has many problems?

We will buy it for recycling. We accept all cars with or without problems. You do not even have to drive the car yourself; we come to you, pay instant cash and offer free car towing for recycling Fords.

Trying to sell a car on behalf of someone else?

Sorry, we can only accept cars that have been submitted by the same person who holds the title of the car. Unless the car is under your name, we do not accept it for recycling.

Know what we will do to your car once we buy it

If your car is in good running condition, we will try selling it at the auto dealer auctions. If not, we will disassemble it and recycle it at our workshop. Once we receive the details of your car, you can be paid a fair amount in return for your scrap car and our swift car removal service at no cost to you.


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